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Butcher Blocks

Design & Function

A butcher block is a thick wood surface similar to the cutting surfaces once used in butcher shops. They can be made of a single wood type or multiple kinds of wood assembled into one solid piece. A butcher block's unique structural strength is the result of expert edge grain assembly, forming the surface of the block. Meticulously sanded, butcher blocks are free of any rough areas to ensure an easy to clean, sanitary surface. These blocks combine design and functionality, providing a hardwearing alternative to the standard cutting board that can also be used as table and counter tops.

The Details

Our butcher blocks are each handcrafted to specifications by one of our artisan woodworkers. Available in a variety of sizes, dimensions, and edge details, they can be made to fit the style of any kitchen. Built with high-grade, solid lumber, these butcher blocks are available in various combinations of species to achieve all desired looks and contrasts. Assembled with, and secured by, FDA-approved adhesive before being meticulously sanded for a surface that is smooth to the touch, our butcher blocks make for the perfect durable and stylish cutting surface.

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